Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meo's Gone Fishing ?

Well, today I was scraping the gunk off the tank, (Bleh) and I was doing it while Meo was looking at the at the fish hungrily. I thought it was nothing. I was TOTALLY wrong. I had to finish 4 sides of that algae with an overgrown toothbrush. The fish hate when I but the brush near them, (Shiny even flopped out of the water one time) so they swam to the other side of the tank when I came near them. Meo was still looking at them hungrily. Finally, I was finished. I went to wash off my brush, (Dad left the top open) Dad told me to close the lid. I looked around and MEO HAD DIPPED HIS PAW IN THE WATER! I yelled "Bad kitty" and he ran. Luckily Meo hadn't gotten any of the fish. That was a relief. So that's how Meo went fishing!